Loyalty program for constant customers

CAB car rental  Is not only good service of car rental in Kyrgyzstan, but, above all, a good attitude to each customer! And when these relationships turn into a friendship, you get actually friendly privileges!  We will prove you our ability to appreciate the true friendship not only in words, but in fact too!

EXTRA BONUSES for our customers:

  • Privileged discount system. For our constant customers, we have a progressive discount system based on the principle: the longer is ride, the less is payment!
  • Choice of location. A possibility to choose a place for car receipt and delivery (for example, you can reserve a car at the airport and get the keys at your arrival)
  • Absence of collateral and hidden payments. We do not require leaving a cash collateral to rent a car. Just provide your documents.
  • Convenient reservation. When reserving a car you desire, make just three clicks on our site with no prepayments at all.
  • High level of service. CAB car rental firm guarantees full car service, tires for season, etc.
  • Additional accessories for gratis. If you have planned a trip with a small passenger in the rental car, we will provide you with a free child safety seat for his/her comfort and security! Moreover, if necessary, we will provide you with a video recorder, GPS navigator or Wi-Fi router.
  • The possibility of car redemption. If the car rental were for a long time, the customer gets used to the car like his/her own! … He/she unknowingly explores all the subtleties and nuances of the car, as though it is not a rental car, but his/her own. Considering it, we offer you an opportunity to maximize the long-term rental with an option to buy it in the future.