Can one find a reliable car rental firm in Kyrgyzstan?


A bit of interesting information about the car rental market in Kyrgyzstan


The world is very quick. Our life passes at a frantic pace. It is important to highlight key points and make the most important things, putting the less significant problems on the back burner. Cars make our life more mobile, helping us to manage many cases and thus be in maximum comfort. However, any car requires much attention. Just imagine that you need:

  • Carry out the technical maintenance on time (if there are some malfunctions or the tiniest prerequisites for them change the car’s individual parts, as well as the whole assembly units. It requires money, much money!)
  • Replace tires for the season (You, at least, should have a set of summer and winter tires. If you are interested, find out their price from the leading manufacturers).
  • Have insurance (To go without it on our roads means to be like fearless Bruce Willis).
  • Spend money on taxes, fuel and more. Own car is always a source of expenses. Even if it just stands in your garage, you will pay for it (unless, of course, you do not have a vintage car, which becomes more valuable with age like good wine).

Most significantly, all of the abovementioned procedures take much time that you would spend on things that are more important. That is why the car rental services become increasingly popular all over the world with every year.

They have many advantages. You can choose the car you dream of, but could not afford it because of circumstances, while you do not need to puzzle over how to keep the vehicle. The company will take care of all this.

The car rental service in Bishkek can serve you well also in the case, if you, for example, think to purchase a car, but are unaware of its behavior on the road. So prior to the purchase you can visit the company to rent a car for a few days, ride it as much as you need, assess its driving performance as well as comfort, handling, noise isolation, and, after all, to go to the showroom or on the market and buy a car you dream of with peace of mind.

The car rental in Kyrgyzstan is mostly attractive for several categories of customers:

  • Large companies and corporations. For what you need to have a car fleet? You can rent a car that is suitable for a particular occasion. You can rent a car for a short time without spending much money (we provide a significant discount for corporative customers!)
  • Tourists. Take a rental car that fully complies with your needs and enjoy a fascinating journey, not thinking about the car maintenance and service issues.
  • Individuals who are often on business trips. Especially when you need to perform a few urgent cases in a new city within a short term.
  • International organizations. As a rule, they are have special requirements for vehicles (car class, comfort, safety level). Not all cars offered in Bishkek can fit their requirements.
  • Hotels, guesthouses and other service companies. Quite often, there are customers who may require arranging a transfer or a meeting at the airport with an extra payment. In this situation, the best solution is car rental!
  • Young people. Who of the young people did not dream to get behind the wheel of a luxury car and go out on a date to surprise his sweetheart with glittering and glossy new car? Our service is perfect for such occasion.   

Just imagine the amount you need to spend in order to keep the car on the move all the time and in perfect condition. In addition, after all, you have to store this vehicle somewhere. It needs a separate garage or a parking lot; respectively, you need to keep it secure and refer to technicians. All this is so troublesome. It would be simpler to rent cars on occasions from the car rental firm and receive its high quality service at reasonable prices.

The car rental in Kyrgyzstan is not the new service. Many companies offer it. However, it is not an easy task to find an actually stable company with a reliable vehicle fleet. It is even more difficult to find a new vehicle fleet at reasonable prices. We have worked in the car rental sphere for many years. In addition, all this time, we were trying to create the company oriented mostly on customers, which would take into account all wishes of our customers. However, we have managed to do it. CAB car rental firm is one of few companies in Kyrgyzstan, which offers its own car fleet to the customers. This means that you get serviceable vehicles, which are in perfect condition, ready to almost all tests and will never disappoint you.

The car rental in Kyrgyzstan is not just a set of words for us. It is our daily specialty and our favorite occupation. Therefore, we are constantly developing our business expanding the range of partners and offering all the new privileges, nice bonuses, and discounts for our customers.